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    Much Lindbergh memorabilia in San Diego at the Air and Space Museum... Charles Lindbergh lived in SD working with Ryan Aircraft to design and build "the Spirit", with the old name for the airport being Lindbergh Field ( we oldtimers remember that). I have a second home in San Diego, and often enjoy the SD Air Museum in Balboa Park , which I really recommend.
  • Phil, you might just be converting me on the interest of Canadian stamps.... the last two have both ben spectacular.
  • Nice one Rene. I used to live in Encinitas some 20 years ago. My office was in Delmar (in the same complex that the Ruth's Chris is in).
  • I'm at your house in Balboa right now. It's really nice. I'll put the sheets and drapes in the washer and dryer when I leave. Thanks Hombre'! (Just kidding,,,,or am I?).. I really like SD! Nice place.
  • LOL Greg and Scott, Point Loma was my old stomping grounds amigo, but now have a place in Fashion Valley which has many elegant stores which I have absolutely NO interest in entering or even buying the overpriced, stuffy, quirky expensive junk. ( that's also what they say about me, by the way!).
  • Point Loma ROCKS! Literally Rocks! It's made of Rocks. Beautiful place! The lighthouse and tidal pools! Stunning!

    I did take the trash out but don't know when they pick up so.....sorry. There were a lot of liter bottles and about a thousand empty aluminum cans. I hope that's ok hombre'/ The plumbing works great though so,,,,,comma. LOL!
  • You are a crack up amigo ! Btw nice to see folks living again and going to ball games .
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    Yeah, it never rains in southern California, yadda yadda, whatever.

    This is Madagascar C70a, a miniature sheet printed for the national stamp show in 1962. I bought this in the mid 70s, I was a teenager, from a coin and stamp shop in a local mall. Those were the days....


    I've been silly for miniature sheets and French engraving ever since...
  • The first souvenir sheets I bought were from the 1930's US. I must have bought 3 or 4 different ones at Indypex around 1984. I was hooked on sheetlets and souvenir sheets from that point. There is certainly something enticing about the Madagascar you've poste. Very cool.
  • As we look at the attractive stamps posted here (love the Madagascar) we tend to give our pre-stamp brethren short shrift. Many of these are equally attractive because of their old-tyme handwriting, as well as their routes and rates. In that vein, here is the discovery copy of the EKU (1793) out of Hudson, New York, the first chartered city in independent America (ex Cal Hahn):

    Hudson NY Exhibit-001
  • Hi George,
    I think you once shared with us that your a London Boy.. So this ones for you. Stampless folded letter (a bill) Doctors Commons boxed handstamp (London lbranch post) rated 8d to Banbury. Early dateline 10. 07. 1810. Thank you to ALL for a Great Thread!!dr
  • BTW, I neglected to add to the Hudson stampless: 1oz pre-paid, four times the rate due to enclosures (single sheet cost was 12-1/2c for 100 - 150 miles by Act of Feb. 20, 1792). Back then, this was a small fortune in postage...
  • Most excellent, gentlemen. Party on....
  • One more from Hudson and then I'll let it go (I have 10-frames worth I could bore you all with LOL). This used to be the EKU until I came upon the 1793 one above. This one is a 1794, free-franked by Cotton Gelston, the 1st Postmaster of Hudson. The content is all about whaling, adding to its desirability...

    Hudson NY Exhibit-002
  • I've just done a read-through this forum before venturing back to Wisconsin for a spell (penance assessed by Hipstamp enforcers/fact-checkers) and wanted to give a high five to those acknowledging greater San Diego roots. Add a La Mesan to the crowd. Kris, um, please no "It's a small, small world" audio link ;-). Interesting forum, hope you keep it going. Leave the light on.
  • Cards-NL-204_209

    I'm just gonna put this nice Dutch stamps up, Ron
  • This looks like a good thread in which to drop this: My brand new video.
  • Thanks for starting this Phil! Love it
  • All of the covers are grate too!
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    Good video Ted.

    I don't think I could narrow down my top ten
  • Gentlemen all, thank you so much for participating, and thank you, Ted, for sharing your new presentation here.
  • Another French-style stamp today, and a fairly recent acquisition: New Caledonia C27 from 1959. This is a view of Roche Percee beach with the formation called the Bonhomme, a quartz mass that is still standing, I just checked.

    Don't 'cha just wanna get on a plane and go?
  • Bonhomme, for those who don't know, means "gentleman" (the literal translation is "good man" or "fellow" but the contextual meaning in this case is slightly different. Great looking stamp Phil.

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    We have a twofer today, Bahamas 163 and 173 both from the first QE2 set in 1954. Bicolor stamps from the British Colonial period are something else that I am silly for. They're why I started stamps to begin with.


  • This is a souvenir sheet that has been on my want list for a very long time. I finally got one and received it in today's mail.
    Issued for the 2nd Hungarian Philatelic Exhibition and for the 50th anniversary of the First Hungarian Philatelic Society.It pictures composer Franz Liszt.

    Hungary, Scott Nr 486 (1934)
    2nd Hungarian Philatelic Exhibition and for the 50th anniversary of the First Hungarian Philatelic Society.
  • Well, I just received this yesterday. I think the stamps are really cool, and the cachet is great. Unfortunately, Its' too big an image to upload :o(
    And Biggin Hill was the sector 7 airfield in Fighter Group 11 in 1940.

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    The type of covers I love. This one, Persia, mailed from Teheran in 1934, addressed to the Canal Zone. There cannot be too many of those around.IRAN 7
  • Oh, Ted, I've been gaga for Hungarian sheets for years, both pre-war and post-war. That's a great one there. Kris, that was a super issue, the graphics were quite a departure for the time. And Francois, that's just cool. How many, yes.

    Sorry for the lapse today, I had a busy day in real life, but I'll be back on the job tomorrow. Good night,America, and all the ships at sea....
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