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  • What's even more comical is, my Opus used to hold small flags like the one you have in his hand too. It really drew my eye right to it. I'm like "OMG, I have a mental twin". Very funny.
    But the flags have been retired (in storage) once I finish building the house I'm renovating in the country side, maybe I can unpack all that stuff again.
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    Penguins, huh? I can't go there just yet, I've only started on an FSAT collection. This is as close as I can get. Scott C44 from 1976:


    This is a view of Base Dumont d'Urville on Isle des Petrels in 1956. The base is still in use today. It is the administrative center for Adelie Land. Winter population is 30. During the summer the base can accommodate 120. And there's penguins everywhere.

    Scott, we are all dying to find out where were you in Antarctica, and why...

  • Sorry Phil... I can't really discuss that on this forum. But I was there for 3 months in 2013. Would LOVE to go back.
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    This is what I consider an iconic stamp, a thing of beauty to behold. And I'm ready to pounce soon...
  • I can only dream.
  • Awesome stamp !
  • It was the 2021 Scott Specialized cover. :)

    We have one in our store now. Not as beautiful as Rene's but, it's good on a budget. :)

  • We found this today, tucked away in another box. This was our main stamp and coin shop when I was young. Long ago, in the dream time. Godspeed, Bob Allen, rest well...

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    Thats a trip down memory lane...I recall those small stamp books, and I carried those on long backpacking trips into the Sierra's as a Boy Scout, always talking with other scouts who collected.... we dreamed about getting 5 dollar Columbian's, Zeppelins and of course the Magenta when we were grown up and struck it rich.... thanks for the recall moment!!
  • Phil, that's spectacular. I yield to my senior.
  • 11-E14Ab Green & Dull Blue

    This arrived in my mailbox today.
    I love days like today.
  • Hey. Folks. Sorry for my absence but I've been under the weather for several days and now I'm in hospital
    More later.....
  • Jeez! Hope you are ok amigo! You know how to reach me if you need to.
  • Hang in there, dude, and feel well soon !
  • Same here, Phil. Seems I went to a superspreader event Saturday and a couple of people got it bad. My sister has been sick since Monday, though it's down to a runny nose now. I got sick Tuesday with flu-like symptoms. I woke up today (Wednesday) feeling more or less "cured" but as the day progressed I felt worse again. As I write this, I'm feeling about 95% all better. Hopefully, when I wake up in the morning I'll be good as new.
  • Hope you all feel better... this coronavirus is no joke in the older folk...I've been dealing with it for 18 months now, in patients as young as 2 days old to very ill teens. Have avoided it but I'm very vaccinated and am used to having kids cough on me for 36 years. Godspeed in recovery to Ted and all.
  • The Kung-Floo sucks. I hope that's not what the Captain is dealing with but in any case, you have a lot of folks thinking of you sir.
  • If we all could just get the shot and still wear the mask we wouldn't have family and friends feeling so sick.

    Hope you all feel better very soon.
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    Sorry Luree, but I'm living proof that's not the case. I have J&J vaccine, double Moderna vaccine, have never been out without a mask, and yet I still contracted Covid in August, which left me wiped out the entire month, and just recovered fully really in the last few days. I'm not "against the vax" I have had 3 shots in total, but for me, none of it worked. And I got it apparently from "staying in" my own house because it was circulating in my building.
    It's all theater. The mask, in reality is useless and just there to make us all "feel like we're doing something". Having had the virus, I'm a proponent of "ditch the mask, it's useless". It in fact, creates a false sense of security, which is worse.
  • Scott, duly noted. This pandemic has us split on what to do, what is right and what works for one may not work for another. I chose my way, and you chose your way.

    Now let's play with the little colored pieces of paper we all love.
  • A guy in our coin club whom I share a table with at our shows told us at the last one he didn't he the vaccine. He has missed the last two meetings with COVID and the resulting pneumonia.
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    Scott , your experience is fascinating....my biggest concern on the vaccine is not whether it works BUT how it is handled in the supply chain. If the vaccine is allowed to warm, or stay warm too long it is rendered ineffective. They were created with difficult tolerances to maintain and the Pfizer expires several hours after it is opened. I bet when they write the history they will report questionable vaccine handling as part of the cause. We have seen this phenomena in outbreaks with other vaccines where folks seem to get the disease ( DPT in the 90's), when it's actually HOW the vaccine was handled. In our urgency to get it out there some folks are not adequately trained to handle them. That's a huge factor not talked about externally.
  • Rene, I agree. In my case I received J&J vaccine in the US, and it has a pretty good temperature tolerance (I got it first in March). I received first Moderna in Tokyo where temperature controls are excellent. (I think they are rated highest in the world for cold storage). And Moderna isn't quite as temperature sensitive as Pfizer. I got my second Moderna 3 weeks later (as directed). Two days following that I had first Covid symptoms (and little side effect from either of the Moderna shots).
    I'm not saying they vaccines didn't work... I had the full run of Covid symptoms, but didn't require any hospital stays. It just really wiped me out for 3 weeks, and then recovery took a lot longer than I would have thought. Crazy thing... I was around the world nearly 5 times during the pandemic, and didn't get Covid, including in a lot of "hot zones" like the US and UK... I wind up getting it at home, in a country where there really hasn't been a major outbreak compared to most of the rest of the world. (Our highest day saw maybe 2,000 cases). So I get it by following the directions: Stay home. Just saying, it's ironic, not that it's pointless to do so.
    Masks... I really hate how people have been mislead on this point. There are masks that work, almost none of them are what have been pushed on people. The virus particles are too small to have any useful impact.
  • Im with Rene......

  • Live and Let Live.
    One love.
  • Well, I don't have covid. I have an injured leg and foot, and some congestive heart problems. I'm tired, I hate hospitals, and I'm thirsty as hell.
  • Well it's good you don't have the Kung-Floo but no fun with the other stuff. Hope you start feeling better. Maybe a Fog Cutter would help eh? Couldn't hurt. Maybe we can smuggle one into the hospital for you.
  • Easy enough....and a macro drip to boot....

  • Hi Phil, great to see you are still here, and that you don't have the big C.
    Rest and feel better mate, we need you here.
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