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    Yes sir, even if it's off center and tinged with a century of cigarette smoke and no man on the mast, that is still one of the prettiest stamps ever banged out on a press.
  • Agree with Alan
  • Mmm, yummy, especially the chocolate sprinkles on one perf and under the N.
  • And Now For Something Completely Different..... Colorful Labels from Fireworks Made In Macaotnt
  • Wow do you own those?
  • Don't care for that spot on the Bluenose stamp.
  • It's not about the individual stamp,
    It's about the beautiful design.
  • Yes yes yes! Dan, thank you. Those are wonderful!
  • Thank You Phil & Alan & Exodus !! I do own them. They were actualy a gift from an big hearted oddball collector who used to come often to the brick&mortar stamp store I managed in Scottsdale. He had about 100 different. I just found these in an old box while looking for things to list in my store here. I am happy I posted them.
  • Dan, the labels are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
  • OK, sorry to be gone so long. Here are some recently found things to make up for lost time. First, some Spanish Civil War era
    charity souvenir sheets. Scott notes that there were hundreds of these. Some may have had postal validity, some were for charity, some were propaganda.
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    More to come later, computer issues...
  • Those are great Phil. I really love the 5c Viva Franco overprints!
  • 20210928_173331
    A recent non-philatelic related cover.
  • Canada_Post_New_stamps_celebrate_the_100th_anniversary_of_Blueno

    Canada did a nice job on these 2021 Bluenose stamps. I especially like how the image on the stamp on the right, extends beyond the frame on the picture.
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  • Great stamps guys :)

  • Let's all relax and take a moment away from hinges and pencil marks. Everybody sit down, breathe, breathe. Good.

    Today we have a pair from the French Pacific islands of Wallis and Futuna. Between them, the islands have about 11,000 folks and 3 elected kings. Recently there has been some drama about the king of Wallis refusing to step down for his successor, or something like that.

    Anyhoo, this pair of stamps is Scott 150-51, from 1959. I think they are handsome stamps, although some may say they reek of an outdated colonialism. I can see the point, but history, like spilled milk, can not be put back.

  • A couple of Cinderella stamps that I've had for I don't know how many years.
    I've always liked them.

  • Someone has to make sure that covers get a fair shake...

    Chatham Patriotic
  • Well ladies and gents, I'll jump in. One of the most sad and, at the same time, uplifting sets I've run across in a while.3DCA4186
  • I don't understand the context of these Austrian pow stamps. Austria was part of Germany in WW2. So, are these commemorating prisoners returning from Allied prison camps? Or are they apologizing for Austria's Nazi concentration camps?
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    I think it’s a Prisoner of war charity relief set.
  • I'm hoping it was for war charity relief set, I have thousands of German/Austrian stamps haven't gone threw yet that said was Wondering how much each of these stamps be worth by them selfs or as a set in case I come across any so I can properly catalog them!
  • The story is told in the stamps. First, a prisoner, next receiving communication via a letter, third receiving a visitor, then a reunion with family, next looking for work and finding a job, then finally working as a "sower" of seeds. It's a story of recovery from the disasters and horrors of war.

    Brett, after my faux pas of copyright infringement (Amos, I won't do it again, I apologize), see the above listing I posted from the 2022 Scott. 25c CV each.

    John, I'm not quite sure of the context but since they are Austrian, it might be that they are referring to Austrian POWs returning to "normalcy" regardless of where they were imprisoned. Maybe. BTW, how is your pet beaver been? Well I hope! :smiley:
  • From the well-traveled department (only to end up at the DLO...)
    COVER 1

    COVER 2
  • Having trouble uploading images here, but I got some cool Sunrise & Sun set stamps I love to show, and many more other types of cool stamps!
  • Greg, I was about to warn you about the, well, your recent unpleasantness. I never imagined that Amos would be even more jealous than Disney. But I really admire that set of stamps. The illustrations are unsettling at first, but they are way ahead of their time. The set is like a modern graphic novel in 6 frames.

    I think the real context of the stamps was getting people back into a peacetime economy. These were the hunger years, and Europe couldn't feed itself for all the destruction and displacement. I could lecture all night on the subject, but I'll just leave you with this: the Soviets were still releasing groups of German and Austrian POWs until the mid 1950s.

    George, just wanted to say that I get dizzy looking at that well traveled cover.....

  • Phil, I kid you not. Last night as I laid down to go to sleep, my brain went....wait, how are you going to get out of this pickle you put us in?? I said to my brain...I don't know. My brain said, how could you not know, I am you're brain!!!!The dichotomy of thoughts and fears began to build, and build, until my brain, having had to deal with all the beer consumption from the daylight hours, decided to be quiet and let me sleep.

    I decided this morning that after spending gahd kneauxs how many hundreds of dollars on the 2022 Scott Online catalogs, that the great God Amos would forgive my unintentional, and barely lucid, transgressions and ultimately leave me alone. If that doesn't work, I'll have to go on the lam. Maybe hang out with Ron for a while in, uh, wherever he is hiding.

    As far as George's cover goes, I suspect Mouse had a paw in that situation. LOL! Pesky beast!
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