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  • Rene Bravo
    The german postal card mailed from Giessen in 1934 in written in Sütterlin script, taught in all German schools from 1915 to 1941. Only a few old people would be able to read this. It starts with:"Lieber Vater! Für ....
  • Aha, that's me in the lower right of the pumpkins!
  • Very, very nice, George.
  • And the spirit finally moves me. Switzerland 94 from 1899, perf 11.5x11, no gum.

  • FDCs for imperfs from the National Park sheets, 750a and 751a.
  • Great FDC's, Phil
  • Excuse me Gentlemen.......I was wondering if I could get some advise from you???? I have inherited my Grandfathers Collection of Stamps(Philatelics, Sorry!!) and I am attempting to Mount all the Loose Stamps even didn't get in His Albums. Not having done this since the early 60's, anyway my Question is this, when a Stamp has attached Shelvage, do you mount the stamp with it or?????? I would really like to do this the right way, in his memory. He was very proud of his collection and I always tried to get him something special for his Birthday or Chritmas! Just need a little help Sirs, Thank You In Advance for your time & patients with a Newbie!! LOL Thanks Jeff F.
  • US <a href=#C 18 w-Shelvage" title="US #C 18 w-Shelvage" />
    US <a href=#C 18 w-Shelvage" title="US #C 18 w-Shelvage" />
  • Jeff, Selvage is great reference, because it helps identify where in the page (though in most cases not uniquely) the stamp came from. Stamps with plate number or imprint (the printer's identification) you certainly want to always keep together.

    Now, that said, when it comes to displaying collections... collectors are weird. And there is tons of personal preference on this. Some don't like them because they throw the "balance" of the page off. Others will make space on the page (or a separate page by making a page for it, that could be anything as simple as adding a blank page in, to creating a laser printed or even hand written detail for "special" stamps). So it really comes down to you, and what you like to see. In the C15's you shoed above, I would suggest the selvage doesn't add any monetary value to that stamp, but I still like the story it tells about where it was from the page. So I would keep it that way (and encourage the same). But you might decide not to mount it in the exact "album slot" for it. Some albums (like hingeless albums) don't accommodate a stamp larger than that of the "stamp without selvage". In that case, I would keep this one, make a separate page (or add some other interesting but "abnormal" issues to it, could be the same cat #, or same type (airmail) or same topical (zeppelins).

    I might have just posed more questions for you than answers, but that's part of the spirit here... collectors are weird and unique. :)
  • It’s interesting you mention selvage …I’m one who doesn’t like them but keeps plate singles . The C18s shown are really healthy looking stamps , but wow , talk about plunging values . One must collect for the beauty rather than the “investment “.
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    I agree Rene, unless it’s a very high valued stamp then it’s best to leave it alone rather than risking damage like a perforation tear or crease. Yeah the baby zepp used to go for $100 then $50 now you can find them for $30-40 in good shape. It appears there are to
    many on the market. But I really like the stamp it’s iconic and precursor to the real zeppelins.
  • The real zepps precursed the baby zepp by 2 1/2 years.
  • why would one curse a baby?
  • Pre-curse, Ron, pre-curse. Just read up on what happened to USS Macon and USS Savanah.
  • My point was US collectors buy the baby zepp before the real zeppelins mostly due to cost. But once you get one you need the rest at some point.
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    I dunno Phil. What difference does it make if someone curses a baby 2-1/2 years previously. If anyone has a beef, it would be the kid for getting stuck with such a name. Poor baby Zepp.
  • Now back to examples:
  • Ah! Thank you. Stamps! That is so refreshing. Beautiful set, Ron. I gotta get me one...
  • And if I recall, Zeppo was the serious Marx Brother.
  • Phil, your mention of the USS Macon... I have a cover from the first flight. You probably are referring to the Macon's demise about a year later off the east coast, but on the first flight, when they tried to land in California, it was windy, they had an untrained crew and they had huge difficulty in getting the zeppelin under control. Three ground crew were lifted into the air, two let go of the rope early, and were injured, but the 3rd held on, eventually falling a died.
    I'll have to dig that cover up. It's one of my favorite pieces of mail history.
  • Ah yes, the lesser known Marx brothers who were real pranksters. Zappo, who would charge himself by dragging his feet on rugs and then zap an unsuspecting victim with static electricity. And not to be outdone, Zippo went around randomly igniting whatever would "take", shoelaces, pants cuffs, ties. But his favorite was powdered wigs.

  • Guess we ought to acknowledge the Brits
  • Imagine what the world would look now, if St George had not slain that dragon.
  • Gentlemen, Again, as always you have given me lots to think about as well as given me ideas to try. Thank you all for being so helpful....... in your Own Unique way!!! Lol.... Thank You, yes you to Rene ;-)))) Respectfully, Jeff Frazier, Good Health to ALL of You.
  • Rene, too?!
    I'm shocked . . . SHOCKED!
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    As am I. Usually it's me receiving the backhand of the glove
  • I think I was a precursed baby
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